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Dowry Case Law


Vague allegations made against every member of the family of husband cannot be accepted by any court at their face value and the allegations must be scrutinized by the Court before framing charge. One of the most common complaints most wives and their parents file against the husband and his parents beyond 498a is that of DOWRY

Furthermore, the intelligent ones will also produce the jewelry bills, money transactions beyond bank in CASH and much more to demonstrate DOWRY is given as and when the boy and his family asked for the same.

While the report shows approximately 5.5 Lakh cases of 498a / Dowry are registered at least 70% are acquittals and the wife is unable to prove the charges against them. It’s a misuse of the provision and many people are using this a weapon against men and their family members to settle the scores.

The men who are unable to battle such issues successfully suffer depression an also sometimes take a step of committing suicide.

AB Advocte & Associates has Expert Lawyers For Dowry Case in Pune Who Can Fight for Your Right.

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