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Marriage Registration


AB Adv is best lawyer for Love marriage, marriage registration and court marriage matters. The procedure of marriage registration is very easy and simple and marriage can be register in one day. The marriage can be register same day. The process of marriage registration is legal, safe and online.

The procedure for marriage registration not difficult and the cost for marriage registration is nominal. The original age proof’s and original address proof’s of both bride and groom are required. The runway couple in case of threat may seek police protection by filling protection petition before competent court of law. It is necessary that the bride must complete the age of 18 years and the groom must complete the age of 21 years. After completing the required age the couple can marry. If any of the spouse is already married then he must having original divorce decree or death certificate of his or her earlier spouse. It is also required that the parties are not in any Sapinda relations and must not be in prohibited degrees except custom permits.

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